Sunday, October 25, 2009

Is There a Doctor in the House?

I don't keep up on many "new" things these days, and action figures are no exception. There is one series, however, that I can't resist: Doctor Who.

I've been a fan for years and years. I used to stay up late on Saturday and catch the Fourth Doctor's merry scarf-clad adventures every week. I walked around my first year of college wearing a long coat and scarf and calling myself a time lord. On days I wasn't doing that, I wore a leather jacket and insulated cap, yelling to my friends "Hey! Smeghead!" because I was also obsessed with Red Dwarf. Can you believe I had no problem ever getting a date? In fact quite the opposite. Really. I'm not kidding. Anyway, I always wanted Doctor Who toys, but alas they were few and far between.

Fast forward to today, and the Doctor Who revival. Not only are there action figures of the new series (which is a lot of fun) but there are retro figures as well. Here's a quick snapshot of the ones I keep out on a shelf above the TV.

That's a mixture of 12" and regular figures, and the big Dalek and red Dalek are both radio controlled. I've got many, many more...nearly a complete set. Most of them are in a box that my daughter and I play with. She's a fan too. The Flight Control Tardis is one of the best toys ever. I nearly cried when I saw it. (ok, not really, but I thought to myself "this is really cool! I should totally cry now")

They're not exactly simple to find, but not hard either...especially online. My two rock-solid reliable sources are and Both have amazing fast service. I usually get my order in three days. My local Hastings (book/music/video chain) carries them too, so if you have one of those you might check it out. They're a little pricier there, but I suppose with shipping it probably all evens out. I thought they were expensive, but then I saw what Wal-Mart and Target charge for Star Wars action figures these day. Now they seem like a pretty good deal.

Still waiting for Red Dwarf toys......

More details to follow...I hope....I just wanted to put this out there and maybe spark some conversation with people. (DJdeTrainman, you out there?)

Friday, October 23, 2009

One More Thing...

I have never owned a Micronaut. I was born just late enough to barely miss them.

Today I hit the jackpot. I went to a strange little garage sale fundraiser event in a shopping mall. They had a bunch of Micronauts stuff used but in original boxes. Basically, for $15.50 I left with a trash bag full of Micronauts gear.

I have barely begun to sort it out...figures, vehicles,'s all new to me. Nothings is "perfect" as in mint and complete, but there's definitely the start of an awesome collection. Any fans out there?

A Year!?!? Really!?!?

I have not been on here in a year, more or less.

Why? Well let me tell you. I am a secret agent. I was on a secret mission, and I was captured. After I escaped, I wandered through the jungle for months. I lived off of what I could find...bugs, roots, the occasional rodent. It was a rough life, but I really feel like I found myself out there. I now know that I must dedicate my life to helping....oh, nevermind. That's all just stuff I made up. Really I've just been more interested in spending time with my family and doing other things besides sitting at a computer.

I started this as a Star Wars blog, but I got Star Wars burnout. I really only care about the OT and vintage collecting. The new stuff is fine, but not for me.

My action figure collecting got pushed aside in favor of spending time with my family.

Overall, I just haven't had anything to say.

Then came model trains.

Yep, trains. I love model trains. I always have. When I was very young, I pushed my Dad's junked Lionel around the garage floor. When I was older, I got into HO scale. I've never really felt like I could explore both my sci-fi, comic book, nerd side and my rural, railroad fan, backwoodsy side at the same time. As I get older, I start to appreciate it all. It's all good stuff. There's no reason it can't all work together.

I've been posting on model train sites a lot lately, and it's been a lot of fun. So now, as time allow, I'll add this to the plethora of topics I discuss here. Just think of it as yet another side to the complex individual that is me.

So let me say "hey" to Anthony, NoelCT, and my new friend DJdeTrainman, if he finds his way here. I'm still alive and well, just not as loud as I used to be.