Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dave Stevens....R.I.P.

For those who haven't heard, Dave Stevens has passed away.

In case you don't know, in addition to many other accomplishments, Dave Stevens created The Rocketeer.

It seems like there have been several comic book related deaths recently, but this one really bothers me. I love the Rocketeer. I have ever since I first saw him. The Rocketeer rose to popularity just as I was becoming seriously obsessed with comics and superheroes. I eagerly awaited the movie. I bought the souvenir magazine, the bendy figure, the pvc window stick-on figure, the trading cards, the comics, the Pizza Hut kid's meal....everything and anything with that classic gold helmet on it.

Later on in high school, we had a "dress like a Disney character" day. I hate Disney movies for the most part...and then I remembered The Rocketeer! It was a Disney production. So I tediously cut and painted a ridiculous amount of cardboard to recreate the helmet and jetpack. I found a shirt and pants that, while not matching the movie, were at least the same color. So with that, I was off. Of course all the other students in their Mickey Mouse and Little Mermaid costumes had no clue what I was, but I didn't care. (now that I look back I feel a little too similar to the "Tron guy" who keeps showing up on late night TV....hmmmm....maybe I should have kept the costume...)

As I type this, I realize I don't even have the Rocketeer DVD...I'll have to fix that.