Saturday, February 16, 2008

How am I supposed to collect toys if nobody sells them?

The DC universe and JLU figures are really driving me crazy. I've only found 1 DCU figure at my local Target. I drove 45 minutes to find 1 Orion at another Target. I found 1 Red Tornado at TRU. My brother found an Etrigan for me. I've never seen more than one of these figures. I've never seen Penguin at all. I had to get the Metamorpho build-a-figure piece off ebay.

As for JLU, still no sign of Hawkman. I was lucky enough to get Mr. Miracle recently, but I bought the only one I've ever seen. If I hadn't made it to Target that day, I'd be out of luck. Same for the Grodd 6-pack. Glad I went shopping that day.

I'm sure other people have the same problem. They have to...there's such a shortage of figures I don't see how anybody can collect anymore. And think of the kids...there's no way a kid can get all of these.

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