Monday, December 17, 2007

Circle of The Silent Iron Flute...or something.

So here I go, posting twice in one night. That first one was kind of lame...just me rambling about what I like...wait a minute, that's all this is going to be....

Anyway, I saw an excellent (maybe that's not the right word) movie this weekend. The DVD was titled "Circle of Iron" but the movie credits called it "The Silent Flute." Apparently, it's history is something like this:

(at least this is what I got from the DVD special features)

Bruce Lee and James Coburn wanted to make a movie. Bruce wrote a script. The movie would be an epic story in a fantasy land that demonstrated Zen teachings. Movie never happened. Bruce died. David Carradine took over. Movie got made with some changes.

Results: mind-blowing kung-fu mayhem...sort of.

So basically, there's an out-of-place blondish guy on a quest to meet Zetan (could it be...Satan?) and read from his secret book. The guy (named Cord) meets up with a blind Kung Fu guy with a bamboo flute (Carradine) who explains to him that he must pass some trials. Along the way he encounters:

Strange monkey-men (what are they?)

A guy trying to dissolve the lower half of himself in a tub of oil (Eli Wallach, in a bizarre role that I won't discuss further here.)

A desert sheik-type character with a harem of temptation

Death, portrayed as a vaguely defined Puma-man in a leotard (no wonder he doesn't fear death)

Zetan, a kind of pathetic character portrayed by the amazingly awesome Christopher Lee.

Oh, and Roddy McDowell is in the beginning in a small but important role.

Check it out at IMDB.

Is it a timeless classic or complete rubbish? It's recently been released on DVD, so you make the call.

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